Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes

Over a Dozen Ways to Stay Challenged

Cardio Tennis – Cardio Tennis is a new, fun group activity featuring drills to give players of all abilities an ultimate, high energy workout. Taught by a teaching professional, Cardio Tennis includes a warm-up, cardio workout, and cool down phases. If you are looking for a great new way to get in shape and to burn calories, you must try Cardio Tennis.

Circuit – Circuit is a high intensity, group exercise class that involves a series of 20 stations set up to incorporate multiple facets of fitness. Each station is timed. The member performs at their own capability, and then moves on to the next station when the time interval is up with minimal rest between stations. Each week the Circuit is different, but will always incorporate every major muscle group, core strength, balance, overall conditioning.

Cycle – This is a one hour high-energy class aimed at the novice and advanced cyclists. The program incorporates music with special riding techniques. Come and join the camaraderie and great fun!

Full Body/Core Galore – Increase your endurance, muscular strength, and shred your abs all in two back-to-back 30 minute workouts focusing on your total body then just your CORE for the final 30 minutes! Exercises include traditional and non-traditional moves utilizing a variety of equipment including dumbbells, bands, stability balls, medicine balls and steps.

Hatha Yoga – Hatha yoga uses postures and conscious breathing in combination with mental focus to develop awareness, strength, flexibility, and relaxation. Through proper alignment and mindful actions of the body, Hatha yoga brings strength and a sense of well-being to the practitioner.

Kettlebell* – A cast-iron weight is used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training. Strength and endurance is built particularly in the lower back, legs, and shoulders, and it increases grip strength from movements that mimic real world activities! *Additional Fee*

Korean Karate* – This class is the martial arts of self-defense and discipline, developing confidence and coordination for men, women and children, ages 7 and older. Great for the whole family! *Additional fee*

Mat Power Pilates – A 75 minute intermediate to advanced level intensive Pilate’s class that will promote proper muscle use and posture while lengthening the muscles and building core strength.

Pilates – A method of exercise that re-educates and promotes a process that truly enhances the mind/body connection. Pilates promotes good posture through breathing, proper muscle use and coordination building core strength and flexibility. It’s a must!

Trekking Fusion – Takes the ever popular Trekking class and infuses a total body workout. Pushups, squats, lunges are just a sampling of what this class offers, along with an awesome cardio workout.

Waterworks – A refreshing one hour aerobic and muscular workout that utilizes the properties of water as resistance for a safe and splashy non-impact workout. Come join the fun!

Yoga – This class is designed to reduce stress! Yoga calms the nerves, increases vitality and improves circulation. In addition, it slims and firms the body. Try it!

Vinyasa Yoga – A fusion of yin yoga and vinyasa flow. Yin work helps to release the connective tissues, create space and integrity in the joints and remove blockages to internal energy flow. Yang work is a section of flowing repetition of movements requiring strength and balance, while emphasizing breath work and internal locks.

Zumba – Dance style class which combines high energy music, combinations of unique dance moves, and a mixture of sculpting combinations… all resulting in an exciting and effective workout!

* Fee-based classes.


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